Sunday, March 2, 2014


    We now have our boat the `SANDANCER` which is available for snorkeling trips,island visits       and spearfishing adventures....we take groups of 1-4 people for a more relaxed and personal day     out enjoying the beautiful waters surrounding our area.

    The spearfishing is one on one tuition for anybody who would like to try this amazing method       of  hunting for your own food.....but we will provide the boat to more experienced hunters who       bring their own we only have limited spearfishing equipment available here!


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

 We welcome you to Sunshine Guesthouse here at Pantai Bira.

Sunshine Guesthouse(top of picture) from the ocean.

In an elevated position on the bluff we offer you panoramic views of the ocean and surroundings. (great for sunsets also). 

A total of 8 rooms with 2 communal bathrooms(with hot water) and a large ocean facing balcony
on the upper level.

Outdoor eating and relaxing area....including a pool table...on the ground floor.
A beautiful spot to sit and have breakfast and later have a cold drink and watch the sunset over the ocean.
Breakfast and communal `hang out` area.
Full size pool table.
The end of another sunny day.
The waters here are well known for some amazing diving and snorkeling...but should you want to just relax and spend some chill  time on the beach...then Bira and the surrounding beaches can provide just that.

A moray eel checking out a tourist.

The coral reef at Pulau Liukang.
The boss(Sunshine)having a siesta.

Pak Umar

                         Our boat `SANDANCER` available for snorkeling and spearfishing adventures.



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